January - April  This time was spent in forming the chapter and finding a place to hold
                      the monthy meeting. In order to petition the National Headquarters of the                                              Korean War Veterans Association Inc., for a charter the Chapter must have a                                        minimun of twelve members. Listed below are the names of the twelve charter                                    members who applied for Chapter Charter of the Korean War Veterans Association,                             General James A Van Fleet, Chapter # 267 in Gainesville , FL.
THE FIRST MEMBERS                         

                         JACOB L. FEASTER, JR.             JOHN D. BLACK, JR.
                         GENE N. ISOM                            JAMES PAEK
                         HANSEL McQUINN                      JIMMY D. WILLIAMS 
                         DOUGLAS A. TANNER                ROBERT J.DOWLING
                         JOE N. BUSBY                            PRESTON HIBBARD
                         JIM GREGORY                            RICHARD C. ANDREWS
                        The first officers were:


These are the first officers of the chapter being installed (2001): L to R:
1st Vice Pres - Bob Dowling, Judge Advocate & Membership Chmn - Jake Feaster, Secretary - Gene Ison, Treasurer - Wes Connors, 2nd Vice Pres - Bob Tartqaglione, President - Sarge McQuinn

Memorial Day   The chapter dedicated the Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial on Archer
                         Road in Gainesvlle and adopted 136 trees in honor of our servicemen
                         who perished in both of these wars by placeing a yellow ribbon on each

July 4th             We marched in the parade in Micanopy, Florida with our fellow Chapter
                         from Ocala, Florida. There was about 50 members in uniform marching
                         in this parade.

October            The Chapter had a booth at the Micanopy, Florida Fair for publicity and
                        recruiting which draws hundreds of patrons who stroll through the well                                                 over one hundred displays that are set up each year.

October 16th.    Six of our members were invited to the Sons of the American Revolution
                         Annual Luncheon to receive the Republic of Korea War Service Medal.
                         This event was televised on our local TV stations.

Late October    Nine of our members, along with their wives ,went to Korea for a week
                        on the Korea Revisit Trip program. All the men were presented with a
                        Medal at the Banquet that was held on the last night of the trip.

November 11   On this Veterans Day, 10 of our members participated in the annual
                        Memorial Services held at the Veterans' Park at Kanapaha in Gainesville,
                        Florida. Again we had a booth set up for publicity, and to recruit new

November 23   The Chapter provided a Color Guard with 8 members for the Biker of the
                        USA where 1200 bikers passed in review in a tribute to all Veterans.

Mid-December In an event sponsored by the National KWVA orginization, in Tampa,
                        Florida, 5 of our members received a Medal for their service in Korea.


January 22nd.   Five of the Chapter's members attended a review of the proposed
                        Veterans Memorial being erected at the new Alachua County Court
                        House. Suggestions were made for the engravings and other festures for
                        the Memorial. This event was televised on our local TV stations.

March & April   Three Funerals of Deceased Active Duty Troops in our area was attended
                        by members of Chapter 267. They were S/Sgt Canoe, who was a MIA from
                        the Vietnam War, he was shot down in his chopper in Cambodia in 1970,
                        Corporal Burkett, a local Marine, and Spec. Riberio, U.S. Army, both were
                        killed in Iraq,

May 7th.            We installed our new slate of Officers for 2003, also during this time
                        period we purchased a new Flag for the Korean Veterans Memorial plus
                        a Flag and a Chapter Banner for parades and Color Guard persentations.

May 15th/17th   Three of our members attended the State Convention in Bradenton,
                        Florida, chaired by another one of our members, State President,
                        Jake Feaster.

May 17th.          Armed Forces Day, eight of the Chapter's members, in uniform, attended
                        a baseball game between the University of Florida and West Point, the
                        game was held in Gainesville, Florida, where we had our own section
                        with our new banner hung in front.

May 24th.          Twelve of our members put up 136 yellow ribbons on the trees we have
                        adopted representing the Alachua County veterans killed in action in
                        Korea and Vietnam. The Chapter received extensive press coverage
                        during the Memorial Day Weekend activies.

May 25th.          Eight of our members, in uniform, attended the Memorial Ceremony at
                        the Veterans Hospital in Gainesville for Memorial Day Services.

July 4th.            Fifteen of our members along with eleven members from the Ocala
                        Chapter mached in the Micanopy , Florida Parade. We were on the local
                        televisions news report that evening.

July 14th.          Eight of our members were honored with the presentation of the Korean
                        Service Medal at a dinner at the Sheraton Hotel by the Sons of the
                        American Revolution. We received both TV and Newspaper coverage for
                        this event.

July 26th.          Twelve of our members in uniform marched in the Newberry, Florida
                        "Welcome Home Troops Celebration". This consisted of a parade along
                        with a cookout. Commander Don Sherry, and past Commander Sarge
                        McQuinn, got to address over 100 in attendance in an outdoor setting
                        where they were told about the Korean War and the KWVA, and a,
                        "Well Done", was given to the troops just back from Iraq.

July 24th/27th   One member and the State President, Jake Feaster, attended the National
                        Convention of the KWVA in Washington, DC.

Mid July           The July issue of the Senior Times, ran a full page article plus photos, of
                       our Chapter and the Korean War Veterans' Association. Many facts about
                       the Korean War was in the article.

Aug 6th             At our monthy meeting, Sgt. at Arms, Doug Tanner, reported that 3 of our
                        members had logged hundreds of hours assisting patients at the Veterans'
                        Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.

Aug 10th.          Four of our members in uniform attended the funeral of a well known U.S.
                        Army soldier, Spec. Jeffery Wershaw. There were over 1000 mourners in

Aug 11th & 12th Fourteen of our members in uniform, with there wives attended 2
                        seperate Award Presentations where members received a Proclamation
                        from the City of Gainesville Commissioners, and also another from the
                        Alachua Counry Commissioners, honoring their service in the Korean
                        War. Local television coverage reported on both presentations.

Sept 3rd.           At our monthy meeting we were honored to have as our speaker, Medora
                        Van Fleet, the niece of General James A. Van Fleet where she gave an
                        excellent talk on the General's life, and she also gave a review on her
                        new book coming out soon, "My Uncle Jim, Fullback General". Medora
                        was on local TV that evening.

Sept 9th.           The KWVA, Chapter 267, presented a check for $250.00 to Vetspace, an
                        organization that has just completed building a house to care for 40
                        homeless veterans in our area.

September 19   4 of our members attended the POW Recognition Ceremony at the                                                        Veterans Hospital in Gainesville. One of our Officers, Ex-POW Army 1st
                        Sergeant (Retired) Doug Tanner, Held by the Chinese for 33 months, led
                        the Group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

September 29  5 of our members led by State President Jake Feaster attended the                                                        Awards Ceremony for the Korean Service Medal held in Ocala. They
                        were presented the Medal by Congressman Cliff Stearns.

October 21st      17 of our members attended The AARP Safe Drivers Course
          & 22ND   presented by a member, Instructor Mr. Dick Garfield. We  paid a
                        registration fee of $10.00 each and received a substantial discount of our
                        Auto Insurance rates for the nest 3 years. It was held at the Veterans of
                        Foreign Wars Post here in Gainesville.

November 7      17 of our members and 2 of the Ocala Chapter members , for a total
                        of 19, in uniform, marched in the University of Florida Homecoming
                        Parade for the first time. We also had a decorated float for 4 members to
                        ride in. 50,000 people saw the parade along the route and another
                        100,000 watched it on television. We received a great reception from the
                        public and The Gainesville Sun said "While the floats and bands are
                        often cited as favorites, those entries weren't the only ones receiving
                        applause. Uniformed Korean War Veterans  carrying flags recognized the
                        50th Anniversary of the Armistice of the Korean War this year to Standing
                        Ovations by the Crowds along the entire Parade Route." We got lots of
                        publicity and recognition for this event.

November 9     Bikers on Parade for the USA. 10 of our members showed up in
                        uniform for this and we did a Color Guard Review for 1300 Bikers from all
                        over America who parade for Veterans. We received lots of recognition
                        and publicity for this event. This was our second year for this event.

November 10   Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at the New Alachua County
                        Courthouse. 10 of our members showed up in uniform for this event and 2
                        of our Officers posted the Colors for the event. Many local politicians
                        spoke and our recent Iraq War Dead were honored with the releasing
                        of the Doves. We received good publicity for this event.

November 11   The Annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Kanapaha Veterans Park in
                        Gainesville. 10 of our members showed up for this all day event in
                        uniform. One of our associate members from the Korean Community with
                        a friend, laid a beautiful wreath on the Korean War Memorial. The
                        Korean Community also paid for this wreath. We had a members' travel
                        trailer all decorated with flags and a recruitment table set up. We signed
                        up 7 new paid up members that day.  Our thanks to our Quartermaster
                        Dick Garfield for the use of his trailer for the day.

December 3      We held our firt ever Annual Christmas Party at the Holiday Inn West
                        here in Gainesville. We had 56 members, wives, and guests in                                                               attendance - an outstanding turnout. We served a great buffet, had a cash
                        bar, a silent auction, and a 50-50 raffle, and took in $130.00 profit. 
                        Everyone there said it was a wonderful, magical evening. Our thanks to
                        our Officer Doug Tanner for running this event.

December 16    3 of our Officers were elected to the Board of Directors for Vetspace,
                        a local charitable organization that provides housing, rehabilitation and
                        training for 50 homeless veterans in the Gainesville Area. Also, our
                        Chapter donated turkeys and hams for the veterans Thanksgiving Dinner.

Don Sherry:
Commander, Chapter 267
Gainesville, Florida


January 7         Our Quartermaster Dick Garfield, introduced our new Website that he
                        has developed for the Chapter.

May 2               7 members visited the Korean Baptist Church on a good will mission and
                        spoke to the congregation about the Korean War and Veterans Activities
                        in the area.

May 31              Memerial Day, 10 of our members and wives put up yellow ribbons on the
                        136 trees next to the Korean War Menument to commemerate the dead                                                 from the Korean and Vietnam Wars from the Gainesville, Florida area.
                        8 of our members attended the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the                                                  Veterans Hospital in Gainesville, in full uniform.

June 6              Flag Day, We had 3 teams out for our first Rose Of Sharon Flowers                                                         solicitation and raised $355.00 after paying for the flowers. We donated                                                $175.00 of this money to the Homeless Veterans Home in Gainesville, FL.

July 4               12 of our members along with members from the Ocala KWVA Charter                                                  marched in the annual 4th of July parade in Micanopy, FL.

July 17             6 of our members furnished a Color Guard to the local motorcycle dealer
                       who held a "Support the Troops" day , we got radio and TV coverage for                                              the event.

September 17   4 of our members attended the annual POW/MIA Ceremony at the                                                         Veterans Hospital in Gainesville, FL. One of our members, First Sargeant                                              Doug Tanner, a 33 month POW in Korea led the group in the Pledge of                                                 Allegiance to the Flag. The Guest Speaker was Brigadier General Paul
                        Allbritton, USAF Ret., and we were able to sign him up as a new member.

October 15        3 of our members attended Medals Night at Sante Fe Community College                                              where they awarded some 42 medals to their graduates who recently                                                    served in Iraq.

October 19        12 of our members were honored to serve as a Color Guard for the 508th                                               Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division, who were                                                   holding their final reunion and the retiring of their Colors.  They were a
                        highly decorated regiment in WWII, having fought from Africa to Germany                                            in most of the major battles.  Approximately 300 of them showed up and
                        they really appreciated us honoring them.  It was a very moving day for
                        both groups.  They sent us a letter of appreciation afterwards.

October 22        We helped out at the local Homeless Veterans  Resource fair with food
                        and medicine for our areas homeless veterans.  This event is put on by
                        the DAV.

November 7      9 of our members and the Veterans Service Officer held a Color Guard at
                        the Alachua County Courthouse for The Annual Bikers on Parade Event.
                        Over 2000 bikers from all over the country paraded in that event in
                        Gainesville.  This is our third year participating for the bikers and they
                        really like us.  The event raised $43,000 for the local Red Cross which they
                        desperately needed for hurricane relief.

November 11    12 of our members participated in the Veterans Day Ceremony at
                        Kanapaha Park Veterans Memorial Walk here in Gainesville.  2800
                        people showed up this year.  They honored our POWS and we had 2
                        members in that group.  We had our Travel Trailer set up plus our red,
                        white, and blue tent set up to push the Rose of Sharon flowers.  Our
                        group was selected to unveil the new POW/MIA Plaque this year.  We
                        also laid a wreath at the Korean War Memorial.

November 12   Morning - 18 of our members and 1 from Ocala marched in the University
                       of Florida Homecoming Parade with our float and our most distinguished
                       member, Duane Dewey who holds our nations highest honor, The
                       Congressional Medal of Honor.  50,000 people watched the 2 1/2 mile
                       parade and 100,000 more watched on television.  We received a standing
                       ovation along the entire parade route.  This was our second year in this,
                       the largest parade in the area.

November 12    Evening - 10 of our members participated in the Gator Growl which is
                        called the largest pep rally in the world.  42,000 Gator fans were in
                        attendance that night.  The special ceremony on the field was called the
                        Passing of the Colors, where we passed 8 flags to the UF ROTC Honor
                        Guard at the 50 yard line.  They also brought out Duane Dewey MOH for a
                        rousing ovation.  Participating in this event were Doug Tanner, NCOIC,
                        Jake Feaster, Paul Bennett, San Means, Charles Woodward, Dick
                        Garlield, Frank Murphy, Gene Isom, Don Sherry, & Duanne Dewey MOH.

December 1      We held our 2nd Annual Christmas Party at the Holiday Inn in Gainesville
                        and 62 members and guests attended including 12 of  our friends from the
                        local Korean Baptist Church.  We served an excellent buffet and this year
                        we provided music for dancing.  The party was a huge success and we
                        raised $300 for the Treasury by the Silent Auction and Draw Prizes.

This marks the end of our third year as a chapter and we are proud of our achievements thus far.  We have 80 members and 16 associate members for a total of 96, and we intend to make membership our primary goal.  In the area of finances, we have finally reached a balance which is over $1,000 and intend to stay there as we have purchased all the supplies for our Color Guard.  Two of  our members were just appointed to the Alachua
County Veterans Advisory Board, so we will have a voice in veterans affairs in the area.  Four of our members have volunteered thousands of hour at the Veterans Hospital helping out our fellow veteran patients.
We have all branches of the services represented except the Coast  Guard. We have all ranks and backgrounds as members, we have a General, two Colonels, several Senior , Chief, Master, and First Sergeants, 3 Ex-POWs, several Purple Hearts, and our most distinguished member who hold the nation's highest decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor.  We are looking forward to 2005 and pray that it brings good health for all our members and their families.

Don Sherry
President, Van Fleet Chapter #267
Gainesville, Florida


March 12, 2005 - Our Color Guard posted the Colors at a Ceremony held at the American
                         Legion Post #16 in Gainesville for the 4 Chaplains who went down with
                         the ship, the  USS Dorchester in 1943 during WW II.

April, 2005 -       Our members took an active part in the local Fund raiser called "Flags for
                         the Classrooms."  We helped raise $13, 005 for the Alachua County
                        School Board and another $5000 for the University of Florida and Santa
                         Fe CC to place flags in every classroom.  The Chairman of the Fund was
                         our very good and late member, Jim McCawley.

May 21, 2005,     Armed Forces Day - We had 5 teams go out to Publix, Winn Dixie, and
                         Hitchcocks Super Markets for the day and solicit funds for the "Rose of
                         Sharon" Flowers.  We collected over $900.00 and donated  $150.00 to
                         Vetspace, a local Charity who houses homeless Veterans.

May 28, 2005 -    We had 10 members put up Yellow Ribbons to honor the dead from the
                         Korean War and the Vietnam War.  These were hung on 136 trees that
                         surround the Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial that our Chapter
                         erected on Archer Road a few years ago.  We received some publicity for
                         this event.

May 30, 2005,     Memorial Day - 12 of our members attended the annual Ceremony at the
                         Veterans Hospital here in Gainesville with their wives. Dick Davis, our
                         Cmdr. led the over 300 people in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance
                         to the Flag and our members went into the Hospital after the Ceremony
                         to give out the Flag Murals, "The Light of Freedom," painted by Thomas
                         We had  to split our forces on Memorial Day to attend 2 different events. 
                         5 of our members attended a Ceremony at the Kanapaha Veterans
                         Memorial Park held by a Biker Group of mostly Vietnam Veterans called
                         the "Rolling Thunder."  They donated $185.00 to our Treasury to thank us
                         for our Color Guard.

June 5, 2005, -   30 members and their wives were guests of the Korean Baptist Church
                         here in Gainesville for a very special evening called the Celebration for
                         the Korean War Veterans in Gainesville. They treated us to a Reception
                         and an outstanding Dinner, then a Show with music and dancing, videos
                         of the War.  Two of our members, Elmer Rund and Bob White gave brief
                         talks about their Korean War Experience, and We all received Medals
                         given by the Church.  The local TV Station covered this event.

July 4, 2005,      Independence Day - We had 18 of our members March in the Annual 4th
                        of July Parade and We showed off our new Chapter Flag which was
                        carried by Doug Tanner riding in Dick Davis MG Roadster.  Special thanks
                        to Carol Becker for all Her help in getting us our flag.

Late Aug. 2005   We attended many Flag Presentation Ceremonies in local schools to
                         present them with their new flags for every classroom purchased by the
                         "Flags for Classrooms" Fund raiser.  We helped raise $13,000 for these

Sept. 9, 2005 -    Our member Doug Tanner was appointed Chairman of the Alachua
                         County Veterans Memorial Park Commission.  This post was formerly
                         held by our late member, Jim McCawley.

Sept. 16, 2005 -  4 of our members attended the Annual POW/MIA Recognition Ceremony
                         at the Veterans Hospital here in Gainesville.

Sept. 24, 2005 -  We are hosted our State Dept. of Florida Council Meeting here at the
                         Holiday Inn West in Gainesville.  We had 6 members in attendance.  The 
                         State had 22 members in attendance.

October 5, 2005  We moved our monthly meeting to the American Legion Post #16 here in
                         Gainesville and hope that this will prove beneficial to both Veterans

October 7, 2005  We had 19 members and 3 American Legion members, marching in the
                         annual University of Florida Homecoming Parade.  We had our Color
                         Guard, a Marching Unit, and our Float, featuring General Paul Albritton,
                         our member, of the U S Air Force (Retired.)  General Albritton also flew
                         193 combat missions in the Vietnam War in a F4 Fighter.  This is our 3rd
                         year in this event which is seen by 50,000 people along the parade route
                         and some 100, 000 others watch it on television so we get good exposure
                         in Alachua County.

Nov. 5, 2005 -     We had our Color Guard and 7 other members and wives attend a
                         Rededication Ceremony at the Haines Black Cemetery in  Micanopy.
                         We went there at the request of the local black Church to extend the
                         Honors and Benefits to over 17 Black Veterans who had been buried
                         without any of the benefits due them as Veterans. Our member, General
                         Paul Albritton was the Guest Speaker and 1st. Sgt. Doug Tanner, US
                         Army (Retired) blew Taps.  This event received front page coverage in
                         the local paper, as well it should, for it was long overdue for these
                         veterans and their families.  We estimate that over 35 people including
                         families of these Veterans attended the Ceremony on a beautiful
                         Sunday Morning in Micanopy.

Nov. 11, 2005,    Veterans Day - We had some 14 members and 7 wives  at the day long
                         Ceremony with our Motor Home Decorated with flags to recruit, raise
                         funds with the "Rose of Sharon" flowers, and most important, to lay a
                         wreath on the Korean War Memorial with our Korean Brothers.  The
                         theme of this years event is to Honor the Vietnam War Veterans.  Close to
                         3000 people attended this event.  Special thanks to Dick Garfield for
                         letting us use his Motor Home for this event.

Nov. 13, 2005 -   We had a Color Guard at the Alachua County Courthouse for the Bikers
                        for the USA Annual Bike ride thru town.  10 members showed up for this
                         event and we got front page publicity this year.  We have done this for 4
                         years straight now. They had 1800 to 2000 bikers to riding  in this years
                         event with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. Last year they raised                                                    $43,000 for the Red Cross.  This year they raised $32,000 for the Red Cross
                         for Hurricane Victims Relief.

Nov. 20, 2005 -   4 of our members joined 8 other veterans from the VFW and the Marine
                         Corp League to dedicate the new flagpole at a local funeral home.

Dec. 7, 2005,      Pearl Harbor Day - We had 10 members attend the first Memorial
                         Ceremony for Pearl Harbor Survivors and all WW II Veterans at our
                         Veterans Memorial Park here in Gainesville.  Our member Doug Tanner
                         is also the Chairman of the Alachua County Veterans Memorial
                         ParkCommittee and He officiated at the event.

Dec. 7, 2005 -     In the evening we held our 3rd Annual Christmas Party at the Holiday Inn
                         West here in Gainesville.  It was a huge success with 91 members and
                         guests attending and we raised $667.00 from proceeds of the Silent
                         Auction and Draw Prizes.  Special thanks go out to Dick Davis and Doug
                         Tanner for all their hard work on this event.

    This will be our 5th year as a Chapter and are proud of our advances thus far.  We lost 3 members in 2005, Preston Hibbard, Jim McCawley, and Neal Zimmerman.  We also lost our good member Bob Robert's wife, Gail. Bless them all.  We now have 76 members and 18 associate members and we continue to keep membership as our primary goal.  We have over $1800 in our Treasury and have purchased all the flags and supplies our Chapter needs to go out and be patriots in the community.  We have 1 member as the Chairman  of the Alachua County Veterans Memorial Park Committee, 2 members on the Alachua County Veterans Advisory Board, and 2 members on the Board of Directors of Vetspace, a United Way Charity housing 60 homeless veterans.  We are proud that one of our members, Duane Dewey, USMC, holds our nation's highest honor, The Congressional Medal of Honor.
    We have 1 General, 3 Colonels, and all branches of the service except the Coast  Guard. We will continue to work for the good of the order in 2006 and pray that it brings good health for all our members and their families and for all our other chapters in the State of Florida.

Dick Davis
Chapter #267, Gainesville, Florida 



January 28,          1st Annual Veterans Award Banquet - We had 19 members
                            and wives attend the Veterans Awards Banquet. It was an inspiring event
                            and everyone had a good time. Dick Garfield and Pat Sherry were there to
                            receive their awards as outstanding veteran and non- veterans workers. 2
                            of our members participated in a joint Color Guard with the Marine Corp
                            League. There were 200 attendees which made this 1st event a huge success.

February 18, 19     of our members including Duane Dewey, MOH, attended the funeral of our good                                  friend and member, Bob White. Sarge McQuinn gave the Eulogy and Dick Garfield                               read the poem" The Soldier."  1st Sgt Doug Tanner presented the Flag to Bob's                                    widow and friend, Kay White and we had our Color Guard there and the Naval                                    ROTC folded the Flag and blew Taps. They are a credit to the youth of our Country.                              Bob White was loved by us all and will be missed. He was a Christian Gentleman                                 and a True American Hero.

February 26,        Our good friend and member, Army 1st Sgt. Doug Tanner passed away. He was                                    loved and respected by us all and will be missed. It was His family's wish that He                                  receive a private funeral service.

May 12th & 13th, We are hosted the State Dept. of Florida Convention here in Gainesville and many                               members are worked hard to make this event a success for all the members in the                               State of Florida. We have a separate report on this event.

May 20,              Armed Forces Day - We went out with 5 teams this year to raise money with the                                    "Rose of Sharon" Flowers at Publixs and Hickcocks Super markets. This year we                                  raised $1025, our highest amount ever.

May 26,             We had a 4 men Color Guard dedicate the new Flag Pole at the Vetspace Center for                            homeless veterans in Gainesville.

May 27,            We had 10 members and wives show up to put up the 136 Yellow Ribbons in front of                             the Korean-Vietnam Memorial on Archer Road to honor the men and women who lost                          their lives in those wars.

May 29,           Memorial Day - We attended 3 different Ceremonies this day as follows:
                      1. 14 members and their wives were at the VA Hospital in Gainesville for this annual
                          ceremony and Dick Davis led over 175 in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.
                      2. We furnished a Color Guard at the VFW in Gainesville for the dedication of their
                         new flagpoles and memorials in front of the post.
                     3. 4 members attended a Ceremony at the Garden of Honor in town and our good
                         member, General Paul Albritton was the Guest Speaker for 150 attendees.

June 4,           Our Friends at the Korean Baptist Church in Gainesville held another night of                                       Celebration to honor the Korean War Veterans. We were treated to a reception, dinner,                       show, gifts from our friends. 32 members and their wives were there for this wonderful                         evening. Dick Davis and Sarge McQuinn spoke of their experiences in Korea.

In June, we were treated to a wonderful book written by one of our members, Gene Isom, about his childhood adventures growing up in Illinois, called, "Huckleberry Heart, the Boys of Halloran Avenue."

21 of our members marched in the Annual Micanopy 4th of July Parade again, and were very well received by the hundreds along the parade route.

On July 10th, 14 members and their wives sadly attended the funeral service for our beloved member, Elmer Rund, a Pearl Harbor Survivor, WW II and Korean War Veteran, and active minister and man of God.

In July we took on the task for the daily maintenance and upkeep of the Veterans Memorial Park here in Gainesville and 10 of our members volunteered to police the park for a week at a time. We are still doing this today.

On July 26, 2006, 5 of our members attended the new flag pole dedication Ceremony for Santa Fe Community College, along with most of the other veterans organizations in town. This is a huge, garrison size flag that can be seen by motorists along Route 75.

On September 15, 2006, 5 of our members attended the annual POW/MIA Ceremony at the VA Hospital here in Gainesville.

We have several events coming up this fall. We have donated $1500 for 3 $500 scholarships for needy University of Florida ROTC Cadets in the Army, Air Force, and Navy and Marines units. On October 6, we have 21 members ready to march in the Univ. of Florida Homecoming Parade. On Nov
5th we will have 10 members in the Color Guard for the Bikers on Parade for the USA Bike ride through Gainesville. On November 11 we will be out for the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park again. On December 6, we will hold our 4th annual Christmas Party at the Holiday
Inn West here in Gainesville and you are all invited. On December 7th we will host the second Pearl Harbor Day Survivor and WW II Veterans Recognition Day at the Veterans Park. Looks like another very busy fall for our group.

This is our 6th year as a Chapter and we are proud of our growth thus far. We lost 5 members in 2006, so this has not been easy. We lost Bob White, Doug Tanner, Dick Andrews, and John Benson and Elmer Rund.  There was a tribute to them in the convention program. We have 85 members and 15 associates. We finally have over $6000.00 in our Treasury, due to the money raised for the program. We hope to finally go out to the schools this fall with the Tell America Program. We plan to continue to work for the good of the order in 2007 and for veterans and youth causes in our area. We pray that the remainder of the year brings good health for all our members and their families and for everyone in the other Chapters in the State of Florida. We wish you all the best.

Jake Feaster
Staff Judge Advocate
Chapter #267, Gainesville, Florida